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zedIT B1 WebAPI - SAP® Business One Add-on

Web Application Integration with SAP® Business One


A valuable asset for IT professionals within your business, this Web application integration API provides real time access to your SAP® Business One data and leverages the SAP® Business One APIs to ensure data integrity is maintained. zed B1WebAPI also provides a framework for the development of custom Web applications. With a flexible and easy to configure interface, you are in complete control of how current and future custom built applications integrate with SAP® Business One. From sales portals to production order systems and inventory management applications, the opportunities are limitless with the zed B1WebAPI.

With the zed B1WebAPI, you can integrate new and/or existing Web applications with SAP® Business One to get real-time results:

  • Launch custom Web applications that extend SAP® Business One core functionality - extend a part of your business process to employees, vendors, customers, or other specific user groups, all while maintaining full control over access to your information.
  • Enable application-to-application integration (A2A) between existing applications and SAP® Business One - tie existing applications to your SAP® Business One system and experience the benefits of a single integrated ERP solution that leverages information across all systems.
  • Framework – The zed B1WebAPI is a framework for building custom Web applications that integrate seamlessly with SAP® Business One. Provides a robust REST based XML interface.
  • Advanced Plumbing - To move data between SAP® Business One and a Web application.
  • Flexible, Configurable Interface - Flexible, configurable and resilient to changes in functionality. User driven through queries and User Defined Fields in SAP® Business One.
  • Low Cost of Ownership - Does not require an SAP® Business One license to run functionality.
  • No Synchronization - Real time access to data via queries and the SAP® Business One SDK.
  • Data Integrity - Utilizes SAP® Business One APIs to ensure all business logic is followed. In addition, the zed B1WebAPI Integration Service ensures that transactions are not lost between SAP® Business One and the Web application.
  • Deployment Options - Web applications can be hosted externally or internally


  • Customer requests are enabled through simple XML data provisioned through REST based web services
  • Application Server never stores any financial information. All information is retrieved from the SAP® Business One database, as required by customer.
  • Supports both real time and asynchronous communications with the SAP® Business One Database system.
  • zed B1WebAPI creates/updates documents in SAP® Business One using the DI API provided by SAP® based on the captured XML information.
  • zed B1WebAPI Integration Service contains an Inbound/Outbound database that allows for manual intervention if required as specified by the application configuration.
  • zed B1WebAPI Integration Service can push outbound data to Web application as required.
Supported zed B1WebAPI Objects:
Chart of Accounts Warehouses Correction Invoice Reversal
Business Partners Commission Groups Contract Templates
Banks Work Orders Employees Info
Items Credit Payment Methods Customer Equipment Cards
Vat Groups Credit Card Payments Withholding Tax Codes
Price Lists Alternate CatNum Bill Of Exchange Transactions
Special Prices Budget Knowledge Base Solutions
Item Properties Budget Distribution Service Contracts
Users Messages Service Calls
Invoices Budget Scenarios User Keys
Credit Notes Sales Opportunities Queue
Delivery Notes* User Default Groups Sales Forecast
Returns Sales Stages Territories
Orders Activity Types Industries
Purchase Invoices Activity Locations Production Orders
Purchase Credit Notes Drafts Packages Types
Purchased Deduction Tax Hierarchies User ObjectsMD
Purchase Returns Deduction Tax Groups Teams
Purchase Orders Additional Expenses Relationships
Quotations Sales Tax Authorities User Permission Tree
Incoming Payments Sales Tax Authorities Types Activity Status
Journal Entries Sales Tax Codes Choose From List
Stock Takings Query Categories Formatted Searches
Contacts Factoring Indicators Attachments2
Credit Cards Payments Drafts User Languages
Currency Codes Account Segmentations Multi Language Translations
Payment Terms Types Account Segmentation Categories Dynamic System Strings
Bank Pages Warehouse Locations House Bank Accounts
Manufacturers Forms1099 Business Places
Vendor Payments Inventory Cycles Local Era
Landed Costs Codes Wizard Payment Methods Sales Tax Invoice
Shipping Types BP Priorities Purchase Tax Invoice
Length Measures Dunning Letters oRecordset
Weight Measures User Fields oBridge
Item Groups User Tables Nota Fiscal Usage
Sales Persons Pick Lists Nota Fiscal CFOP
Customs Groups Payment Run Export Nota Fisca lCST
ChecksforPayment User Queries Closing Date Procedure
Inventory GenEntry Material Revaluation Business Partner Groups
Inventory GenExit Correction Purchase Invoice BP Fiscal RegistryID
Product Trees Correction Purchase Invoice Reversal Down Payments
Stock Transfer Correction Invoice Purchase Down Payments

Technical Specifications:

Integration Architecture

  • Application Server runs IIS Web server and Microsoft.NET framework.

  • Database Server runs SAP® Business One and SQL Server 2005.

  • zed B1WebAPI platform is implemented to enable real time information retrieval from SAP® Business One using Microsoft.NET ADO record sets, queries and XML.

  • zed B1WebAPI contains custom XML envelopes to encapsulate XML documents and query information into a standard, reusable structure.

  • zed B1WebAPI Integration Service add-on installed as a Windows Service to allow for asynchronous communication with Business One via inbound/outbound queue.

  • DIAPI is installed on Application Server to enable the zed B1WebAPI to communicate with SAP® Business One via standard SAP® Business One business logic.

Deployment Architecture

(1) The Web Interface can be Internet Explorer, Firefox or just about any Internet enabled device.

(2) The Application Server must be hosted internally on the same network as the SAP® Business One Server. Running on the application server is zed B1WebAPI and the DIAPI used to communicate with SAP® Business One. zed B1WebAPI provides a foundation for extensive scalability and growth.

(3) The Database Server is the SAP® Business One server.


zedIT B1 WebAPI Data Sheet (.PDF)