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zedIT Customer Portal - SAP® Business One Add-on

Customer Self Service Portal for SAP® Business One


Give customers a personal window to their own information. zed Customer Portal delivers a secure, flexible, and personalized Web self-service gateway through which customers can retrieve information through a standard Web browser.

This online customer service portal delivers to your customers the information they want, the way they want and when they want to see it. Your customers can view sales history, current sales, account balance, statements, deliveries, quotes as well as customer service incidents.

Customers are able to access an easy to use self service environment that enables them to complete business transactions with you 24/7. zed Customer Portal delivers a high quality user experience for customers, while reducing customer service costs to your business. Obtain billing and account information that is pulled real-time from SAP® Business One and benefit from self-service transactions, including bill payments. Empower your customers and experience the benefits of increased customer loyalty and retention.

Provide Self Service To Customers: Customers can easily view profile information, sales order Histories, billing and payment information and place orders
Ensure Secure Access: Unique user name and password protected access to customer information and account details
Real-Time Integration With SAP® Business One: Account details are pulled real time from SAP® Business One ensuring customers view the most recent data and transactions
Branded To Reflect Your Business: With a customizable front-end, the Customer Portal provides another opportunity to continuously build an online presence that best reflects your business, while providing you with new marketing opportunities.

Customer Portal Benefits

Get paid faster – Customers can view their invoices online, drill down into the details, and quickly pay their bills.

Customer retention – Provide customers with the ease of paying online for products and services

Improved customer service – Provides the ability to place orders, complete customer history, sales, quoting history, invoice history, as well as current activity.

New marketing and selling opportunities – Dedicated sections to promote products and services.

Reduce administration costs – The Customer Portal enables companies to move in a paperless direction, reducing time and materials related to accounting and service.

Accept online payments from customers – Including support of Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments. Streamline your payment transactions, and benefit from lower fees and quick transactions.


zedIT Customer Portal (.PDF)