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zedIT B1 Query Portal - SAP® Business One Add-on

Extend The Reach of Query Reporting Beyond Your Business


Provide secure, Web-based access to your SAP Business One custom query reports to customers, vendors, employees or other audiences outside your business.

Have you ever wanted to give external users, such as your customers, vendors or partners the ability to see key information inside SAP Business One that is meaningful to them – like the status of a current order? Or maybe you would like your field salespeople to be able to get quick and easy access to their most current sales pipeline. With the zed B1 Query Portal, you now have the opportunity to extend the reach of SAP Business One reports to people outside your business.

Designed with the end user in mind, the zed B1 Query Portal is quick and easy to use. Simply run queries in SAP Business One, and see the results in dynamic HTML within the zed B1 Query Portal. With experience in SAP Business One and its standard customization features, including the Query Manager, User Defined Tables (UDTs) and User Defined Fields (UDFs), you have the skills needed to be up and running in minutes.

Once logged into the zed B1 Query Portal, you will have access to interactive Web reporting at its best. Need to do a quick analysis? With drag and drop fields, sorting and filtering capabilities, you can instantly view only the data that matters to you in a format that makes sense for your needs. Easily export your report into an Adobe, MS Excel or a text file for further use.

From Sales through to Production and Accounting, you can run reports against any data within SAP Business One that you can write a query on. Manage your reports through the Query Manager in SAP Business One and view the results real-time within the zed B1 Query Portal. Need to make a change? Simply edit the query in SAP Business One and re-execute. You will instantly see the revised results within the query portal report. Powered by the zed B1 WebAPI, the zed B1 Query Portal creates a dynamic, information pull alternative to get critical information out of SAP Business One and into the hands of the people that need it most. Web-based reporting has never been easier with the zed B1 Query Portal.

Drag and Drop Columns and Pivot Tables: Drag and drop data, sort by columns and use advanced filtering capabilities to make each report work for you. Save your custom report layout for future use or export your results in a PDF, XL, CSV or Rich Text format.
Real-time Data Analysis: Make a change in SAP Business One within the Query Manager and instantly see the change within the Query Portal report results
Role based security maintained within SAP Business One: Administration, all data, and role based security is maintained within SAP Business One. User management is based on Business Partner contacts for Partners and Vendors, and the HR Module for employees
Easy to Publish Reports: Any SAP Business One power user within your organization or your SAP Partner Consultant will have the basic SAP Business One query report writing skills needed
Custom Query Results: By setting parameters on reports and filtering queries, you can determine who views what information within your portal

zed B1 Query Portal Benefits

Save time and money – Empower users to login into the Query Portal and see the reports that are meaningful to them instead of taking the time to modify and run custom reports yourself on their behalf.

Extend the power of custom queries to the Web – Provide access to your SAP Business One information without compromising security or requiring additional users. If you need to share information with others outside your organization or want a quick and agile way to build reports, the zed B1 Custom Query Portal is the answer.

Eliminate the need for multiple SAP Business One alerts – The zed B1 Custom Query Portal provides another alternative to receiving alerts on a daily basis. Eliminate multiple alert emails by accessing the portal to view information.

No significant Consulting services needed – The zed B1 Query Portal is a highly productive tool, which requires no Web expertise to manage. Anyone with SAP Business One expertise or a super user within your organization can have the portal up and running in no time.


zedIT B1 Query Portal (.PDF)